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On Empire Collapse, State Fragmentation, and Balance of Power and Social Imaginaries in World History.
Origin and Legitimating Function of the Founding Fathers in the Modern Sociopolitical Itinerary of Nations (1808-1989).
By Joaquín E. Meabe, Jorge G. Paredes M., Eduardo R. Saguier and the collaboration of Maximiliano Korstanje (translation by Estela Herrera) .

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...that is part of our search for intelligibility of the past. This work is aligned with the retrieval of political history and a reaffirmation of a number of theoretical and philosophical devices that are part of the classical tradition inherited from old Greece, in which the magnificent work of  Thucydides, wonderfully reexamined by Leo Strauss plays a decisive role.

 The core of this research is aimed at reconstructing the collective problems related to the crisis of the nation-states and the establishment and development of the instituting order in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and the Levant (West Asia) and then build, by means of a disaggregated examination of features, the matrix of its legitimating function and its connection to the Great Tales that make up the Official Histories.

Relevant reference materials have been contributed in the course of exchanges and discussions by e.mail, not only from the research team but also from many other authors.

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